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HC-CARGO - Supplier Requirements


Supplier requirements

All our suppliers must meet the following requirements:

  • Adhere to the latest version of the ISO9001 standard
  • Move towards certification in accordance with the TS16949 standards. Suppliers are currently required to keep Holger Christiansen A/S informed of improvements
  • Document the quality and specifications of the product. The supplier must enclose a test printout with each delivery or he must have documented uniform product quality in previously approved specifications
  • Submit a PPAP document for each product. Failing that, Holger Christiansen A/S insists that the supplier delivers products which comply at least with the OE requirements/specifications pertaining to functionality, quality, environment and production processes
  • Deliver a sample which is to be stored at Holger Christiansen A/S for 3 years
  • Deliver goods that match the approved sample. Products which do not correspond to the agreed specifications are returned
  • Be able to document that the products delivered meet EC Directive no. 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles
  • Make preparations for obtaining environmental certification in compliance with the ISO 14001 standards
  • Meet all relevant regulatory requirements about the circumvention of chemicals
  • Ensure an acceptable working environment comparable with ISO 18001 certification

Holger Christiansen A/S expects that suppliers already meet a number of these requirements. Holger Christiansen A/S requires that all work takes place under well-organised conditions and that neither slave labour nor child labour is used.
Holger Christiansen A/S is entitled at any time to carry out an unannounced inspection of the supplier.

  • In connection with visits to suppliers or at least once a year, the purchasing department makes assessments of all suppliers in the vendor card fil.e

The assessment is carried out in accordance with the following instructions:

  • The assessment includes the following parameters: product quality, prices, reliability of delivery, service, quality control and terms of purchase and delivery.
  • The Purchasing department evaluates product quality on the basis of the registered NCRs. The remaining points are given based on the purchasing assistant’s assessment.
  • The supplier is assessed as excellent, good, satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Terms and conditions of purchase.



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