Bureau Veritas certificates - ISO 9001, ISO 14001 - what does it mean



ISO 9001 is part of a collection of standards for quality control and is a quality management system, which is accepted in the whole world and to many this standard is synonymous with quality and efficient management as well as a structured customer dialogue.

ISO 9001 has a process-oriented focus and comprises of quality leadership, product design, customer handling, document control, internal training, internal audit, and management evaluation.

The ISO 9001 for quality management provides clear definitions of processes, values, continuous supervision, and evaluation, so that the organization has an established and fundamental management tool.



ISO 14001 is an international standard, which forms the basis of the determination of environmental management and can be used for any organization type in every industry.

The standard specifies, what is needed to create an environmental management system based on the company, it’s processes and activities with distribution of responsibility and competences as well as environmental tasks in the everyday life.

ISO 14001 supports the company in working in a structural way to improve the environmental performance.