Power Management

- stable and reliable electrical system

Power Management for Professionals!

A failed power supply or a failed converter is a failed system. The sensitivities of modern electronic equipment to variable input voltages, has made voltage stabilization even more important. Start/Stop technology on motor vehicles has added to this problem.

The new HC-CARGO Power Management series offers a wide range of 12V-12V, 24V-24V and 24V-12V products that ensure that stable and reliable voltage can be delivered to important equipment, even when the electrical system is under duress, such as during engine cranking.

Beneath you find a selection of products. Find the complete HC-CARGO Power Management range here or download the Power management brochure here


Inverters - pure sine

Remote Control for Inverters - pure sine

Converters - isolated

Converters - unisolated

Power Guards & Battery Charger