Spring Maintenance

Prepare your vehicles for spring

It's finally spring! Don't forget to stay up to date on maintenance

The winter months may seem like a long time ago now, but your vehicle hasn't forgotten them. Winter can put a lot of stress on key components of your vehicle such as drive belts, batteries and bulbs. We've put together a few of the parts that you may need, to keep you going for months to come!

View some of our key maintenance categories below and make sure you're stocked up on your essentials.


Bosch Drive Belts

Bosch drive belts are manufactured according to OEM quality and engine specifications.

A/C Oils & Dyes

Browse our wide range of oils and dyes.

UV Leak Detection

Having trouble finding where your A/C leak is coming from? Browse our range of UV leak detection products.

Cabin Blowers

Getting hot and bothered with weak air flow from the vents? A faulty cabin blower could be the culprit.


We stock 150+ different bulbs, so we are sure there's a bulb for your specific application.


We stock popular OSRAM bulbs, suitable for a variety of applications.

FlexFit Wiper Blades

High performance in any weather and has a robust design for longer life.

Battery Testers

We offer a range of different battery testers, including those with easy to read digital displays!

Battery Acid Testers

Check your battery health with our battery acid tester.