HC-CARGO FLEX compressor series

What is special about the FLX7 compressors?

HC-CARGO are happy to introduce the FLX7 compressors from SANDEN in our A/C portfolio. With these new products you will be able to meet your customers’ needs and demands with regard to

  • the ability to deliver products quickly, and
  • at a competitive price
  • better cost, quality and delivery performance.

Whether you are a distributor, a retailer or a repair shop, the FLX7 is a very relevant solution for you and your customers.

HC-CARGO FLEX compressor series

What is special about the FLX7 compressors?

Application Flexibility

The main benefit of this compressor series is its flexibility. The FLX7 compressor can be adapted on-the-fly to satisfy a variety of applications. The two clutch lead wire options and six fittings are just the beginning.

Model Consolidation

Thanks to the interchangeable parts, this compressor series enables you to consolidate hundreds of unique part numbers into 17 compressor bodies. The FLX7 replaces existing models but also creates compressor configurations previously unavailable (from Sanden).

Lower Inventory Costs

The consolidation of part numbers means you can stock fewer models and still meet customer demand. Port fittings and clutch lead wire options give you the ability to tailor your compressor inventories in order to satisfy a variety of A/C system configurations.

Added Value

In addition to the fact that the FLX7 series is compatible with hundreds of different A/C systems, there is also some added value which makes it superior to other compressors. Each FLX7 comes with heavy duty clutch bearings, a clutch diode and a pressure relief valve as standard.

The port fittings also represent superb value. They are low-profile and made from forged steel, giving them superior durability and lower weight compared to cast-iron fittings.


HC-CARGO Flexible Compressors (Sanden FLX7 series)


Fittings and Clutch Lead Wire Adapters