HC-CARGO Agricultural Machinery 2018-2019

In time for the spring season and the start of preparations for the upcoming agricultural season, we can provide you with an updated catalogue.

The catalogue contains all the relevant products for agricultural machinery and therefore provides you with an updated overview of the selected parts and accessories for this purpose.

As we continuously are developing our range, we offer you – and your customers - a broad range in many ways. Therefore, you will find all the electrical parts you need to repair agricultural applications.

From starters & alternators to A/C compressors, lighting products and many other auto-electrical parts.With the HC-CARGO program, you have a one-stop-supplier opportunity regarding electrical parts.

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HC-CARGO Starter & Alternators

HC-CARGO Aircon Compressors.


HC-CARGO Lightning


HC-CARGO Rear observation kit


HC-CARGO Workshop Consumables & Tools