Engine Management becomes more complex

Engine management systems have become a fundamental element in modern motor vehicles. The number of different electronic and electric components in vehicles has dramatically increased in recent years.

Typical market drivers for this are also electrification, advanced safety, automated driving and tightened regulations on exhaust emission controls. Therefore, HC-CARGO has developed an attractive, reliable and competitive range of commonly replaced sensors.

Here you can see which types of sensors, valves and coils we offer. We will continue to extend the program to offer you an even more comprehensive offer. 


Air Mass Sensors

Air mass sensors are also referred to as mass air flow (MAF) sensors, MAF meters ... Read more

MAP Sensors

MAP stands for manifold absolute pressure. The MAP sensor is located on the intake manifold ... Read more

Knock sensors

The knock sensor is located on the engine block, cylinder head or intake manifold ... Read more

Lambda Sensors

A lambda sensor is also referred to as oxygen sensor or O2 sensor ... Read more

EGR valves

EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation. Used in both diesel- and petrol-driven cars ... Read more

ABS Sensors

ABS stands for anti-lock braking system – sometime also called anti-skid braking system ... Read more

Camshaft Position Sensors

A standard piston engine features two camshafts: an intake camshaft and an exhaust camshaft ... Read more

Crankshaft Sensors

The crankshaft is located below the cylinders of a vehicle’s engine ... Read more 

Ignition Coils

Ignition coils are transformers that are able to provide high voltage pulses using the principle ... Read more



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