The A/C compressor

Is the heart of the A/C. Secures the pressure needed and circulation of gas and liquids in the system.

  • After compressor breakdown you need to flush the system to rinse for shavings and fragments which have settled in the system
  • Most errors in A/C are NOT compressor failures
  • Other causes can be in the pulley, clutch hub or clutch coil
  • Always check the oil stand. Too little oil will damage the compressor

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HC-CARGO Compressors: Features & Benefits

  • Broad product range with 600+ products
  • High delivery performance (>90%)
  • Extensive quality control at suppliers
  • Endurance and durability tests & leak control
  • Tests carried out in Bosch facilities
  • Easy installation ⇒ EasyFit*)
  • 2 years warranty


  • perfect fit and match
  • O-rings included
  • prefilled with oil


Compressor Leaks

When diagnosing the A/C system we experience that most errors are NOT compressor failures and that the compressors are replaced due to improper diagnosis. The most common leaks are related to the condenser, pipes or o-rings. Should the compressor have failed these are the most important things to check:

  • The compressor may leak near the pulley, due to a faulty oil-seal. We recommend that the A/C system is switched on at least once a week to keep the oil-seal lubricated to avoid damage.
  • If the compressor is soaked in oil and U/V dye, the main gaskets may be defective. In most cases it is necessary to replace the compressor.


HC-CARGO Compressor oilsFrom PAG46 to UV Dye, we supply a wide range of oils

Checking oil supply in the compressor. It is important when servicing the A/C system that the compressor has the required amount of oil. This secures smooth function and avoids break downs. See how easy it is done in this video.

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