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HC-CARGO Bearings

Requirements for high performance alternators and starters are constantly increasing. Alternators are being designed to fit in smaller engine compartments and to generate more power at less RPM, which results in higher operating temperatures.

Starter motors are optimized for more durability and long lifetime and start stop systems for more frequent starting.

HC-CARGO bearings are designed to meet present and future OE standard specifications and requirements for alternators and starters.

Our bearings are developed to operate under higher temperatures, at higher speeds with less friction, less vibration and ensure long lifetime. All HC-CARGO bearings are the next generation high-end quality bearings designed and developed for rotating electric motors. Fits & matches both new and older applications.




Technical Features:

  • Geometrical tolerance class P6 (DIN 620-2) and internal clearance group C3 (DIN 620-4)
  • Improved raceway surfaces and reduced frictional torque and vibration
  • Smooth running and low noise properties
  • Excellent mechanical shear stability and kinematics


  • 3-lip (1-axial) light contact sealing
  • Low friction at high speeds
  • Less heat generation
  • Reduced and improved grease retention
  • Maximum protection from moisture and contaminants


  • Developed in Japan for auto electrical equipment
  • High performance grease designed espacially for alternators and starters
  • Long operating life
  • Operating temperature range -40~+200°





Features & Benefits

  • Less friction, vibration and noise ensuring longer lifetime
  • Meet present and future OE standards
  • Designed, developed and tested (in Germany) to perform under extreme conditions and with durability to match only the highest OE-Standards and lifetime requirements.
  • Used in leading remanufacturing plants worldwide
  • 100 product numbers
  • Available as single-piece and bulk packaging (8 or 10 pcs.)



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